Press Release : Southeast Asia Plus (Sea+) Triennale 2016

“ENCOUNTER: Art from Different Lands”

18 October – 10 November 2016

A, B, and C Building of the National Gallery of Indonesia


The National Gallery of Indonesia–Ministry of Education and Culture holds a triennale exhibition entitled Southeast Asia Plus Triennale of Art (SEA+). This event is a limited art exhibition (covering the scope of the Southeast Asia’s region), but also inclusive because it opens the possibility to involve participation and interaction of broader art development from other culture regions. This exhibition connects the growth of Indonesian art with the development of art in Southeast Asia in line with the changes of international art map which constantly grows.

SEA+ Triennale is also a form of Indonesia’s response towards the progress of Asia’s art development, particularly in Southeast Asia. This event becomes an important step from the government of Indonesia to continue and develop various forms of cooperation occurred in Asia, especially Southeast Asia, which previously has been established through activities and a series of agreement in the fields of economy and politics. SEA+ Triennale becomes a pioneer of international art triennale exhibition that specifically presents artists from Southeast Asia.

SEA+ Triennale was held by the National Gallery of Indonesia for the first time in 2013 with the theme Global Art: Ways Around Asia. In this 2016, it is held for the second time from 18 October until the 10 November 2016, in A, B, and C building of the National Gallery of Indonesia. Different from previous exhibition, the theme of this exhibition is “ENCOUNTER: Art from Different Lands”.


Download the List of Artists and Ehxibition Series