Press Release : “SPIRIT KHUA JUKHAI” Exhibition

National Gallery of Indonesia as a state cultural institution under the auspices of the Directorate General of Culture, Ministry of Education and Culture features a Traveling Exhibition program specifically to show and introduce collections of the National Gallery of Indonesia (state collections) to public. This program is held regularly every year in different locations outside Jakarta, at home and abroad. 

On national scale, the previous traveling exhibitions were held in Medan, West Sumatera (2006); then Manado, West Sulawesi (2007); Balikpapan, East Borneo (2008); Ambon, Maluku (2009); Palembang, South Sumatera (2010); Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat (2011); Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan (2011); Makassar, South Sulawesi (2012); Pekanbaru, Riau (2013); Pontianak, West Borneo (2013); Kupang, Nusa Tenggara Timur (2014); Serang, Banten (2014); Malang, East Java (2014); Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (2015) and Palu, Central Sulawesi (2015)

In 2017, the Traveling Exhibition will be held in Lampung located at Taman Budaya of Lampung Province on 22-29 March 2017. This exhibition is a collaboration between the the National Gallery of Indonesia and the Department of Education and Culture of Lampung Provincial Government with UPTD Taman Budaya of Lampung Province. Curated by A. Sudjud Dartanto, David and Joko Irianta, the theme is “Spirit Khua Jukhai”.

In the explanation of the curator team, Khua Jukhai in Lampung language is ‘Khua’ means two and ‘Jukhai’ is descendant or group. “Spirit Khua Jukhai” can be further defined as a spirit cultural acculturation of “local people” with the culture from “immigrant people” to build Lampung geo-cultural space whether in social, culture, politic as well as architecture.  Metaphorically geo-cultural space is a kind of small Indonesia that indicates the Indonesian are actually formed of cultural diversity. As a theme, “Spirit Khua Jukhai” can be interpreted broadly, especially in relation with the discourse of cultural identity within the representation and practice of art. Generally, it can be said that identity is formed by relation/connection. Cultural identity itself is not a condition which is final, it is always a condition of becoming. Art on one side confirms the experiences of subjectivity in the dynamic process of formation and reformation of cultural identity. 

With the understanding and elaboration above, this momentum specifically presents the of identity and post-identity in art practice, in question of what kind of identity experience which appears in the practice of art?  How far the experiences in post-identity presents in an artwork as a whole? These questions supposes to be able to become a creating lighter for local artists in responding the theme “Spirit Khua Jukhai” in the exhibition with Indonesian senior and historical artists. The presented artworks can weigh daily life of Lampung people, customs in Pepaduan (Abung) and Peminggir (coast). The exhibition of the artworks from the collections of the National Gallery of Indonesia and Lampung Artists will present various style pattern and techniques that at least can provide a description and progress of Lampung art discourse on the map of Indonesian art. 

“Spirit Khua Jukhai” shows 40 artworks, 15 of them are selected artworks of the National Gallery of Indonesia (state collection). For examples are artworks by A.D. Pirous, Affandi, Eddy Purwantoro, Helmi Azeharie, Hendra Gunawan, Henk Ngantung, Ida Hadjar, I Nyoman Gunarsa, Kusnadi, Mochtar Apin, R. Basoeki Abdullah, Raden Saleh Sjarif Boestaman, Subardjo, Trisno Sumardjo and Widayat. Meanwhile, 25 others are the artistic creation of selected Lampung artists such as Bunga Ilalang, Eddy Purwantoro, Helmy Azehrie, Koliman, Nurbaito, Subardjo and others. The artworks were selected based on the consideration the curator team.

Director of the National Gallery of Indonesia, Tubagus ‘Andre’ Sukmana hopes this exhibition is capable to provide an attractive presentation as well as both inspiring and educative for students and public, especially Lampung people. “It is also expected to give additional knowledge and experience to directly appreciate the original artworks which have historical values in Indonesian art history as well as the motivation to grow affection and appreciation to local artist.”, said Tubagus.

Several public programs also accompany this exhibition. One of them is an educational guiding during the exhibition to enable public to know more about Indonesian maestro and Lampung artists as well as the artworks they created that complements the richness of Indonesian art.





A. Sudjud Dartanto, David and Joko Irianta

40 artworks (15 selected artworks from the collections of the National Gallery of Indonesia/state collections and 25 artworks by Lampung artists)

Collections of the National Gallery of Indonesia
A.D. Pirous  |  Affandi  |  Eddy Purwantoro  |  Helmy Azeharie  |  Hendra Gunawan  |  
Henk Ngantung  |  Ida Hadjar  |  I Nyoman Gunarsa  |  Kusnadi  |  Mochtar Apin  |  R. Basoeki Abdullah  |  Raden Saleh Sjarif Boestaman  |  Subardjo  |  Trisno Sumardjo  |  Widayat

Lampung Artists
Ari Susiwa Manangisi  |  Ayu Sasmitha  |  Bunga Ilalang  |  Christian Heru Cahyo Saputro  |  
Damsi Tarmizi  |  Dika Arsdes  |  Diki Andrianto  |  Djunaidi KA  |  Eko Martoyo  |  
Eddy Purwantoro  |  Evit Wong Stiawan  |  Helmy Azeharie  |  Ian Daniarso  |  
Ibnu Setyo Budiyatno  |  Icon  |  Koliman  |  Nurbaito  |  Pulung Swandaru  |  
Salvator Yen Joenaidy  |  Sisna Ningsih  |  Subardjo  |  Sutanto  |  Suyitno.G.S  |  Toni  |  
Yulius Benardi

Wednesday, 22 March 2017    
at 10 AM
in Taman Budaya Lampung Province
Jl. Cut Nyak Dien No. 24 Tanjung Karang Pusat, Bandar Lampung

22–29 March 2017
at 9 AM – 5 PM
in Taman Budaya Lampung Province
Jl. Cut Nyak Dien No. 24 Tanjung Karang Pusat, Bandar Lampung City

Educational guidance during the exhibition