News : Professor of Bandung Institute of Technology, Prof. Dr. H. Nang Primadi Tabrani passed away



Professor of the Faculty of Art and Design, Bandung Institute of Technology, Prof. Dr. H. Nang Primadi Tabrani passed away on Tuesday, 12 March 2019. The Professor who was born in Pamekasan on 16 September 2019 was known for his concern in visual language.

Visual language was his crate-thick (58 x 33 x 27 cm) dissertation research in 1991. Visual language at that time was a new science which was not yet exist on the West literature. It was a science to ‘read’ visual images without text such as prehistorical images, traditional images, children’s drawings, and temple carving images. ‘The reading’ can be used for creating artworks. Prof. Primadi’s dissertation revealed the visual language on prehistorical cave images. It was the first research on that field which later triggered young Indonesian researchers to further research prehistorical caves in Indonesia.

Prof. Primadi and his colleagues did not only carry on research but also published books about the visual language. They managed to add visual language into the curriculum of several faculty of art and design in Bandung such as Bandung Technology of Institute, Maranatha Christian University, Pasundan University, and Indonesian Computer University.

Besides being active in education world, this Trisakti University’s adjunct professor also contributed to organization of art at home and abroad such as Yayasan Pendidikan Senirupa (Art Education Foundation), Ikatan Pendidik Seni Rupa Indonesia (Indonesian Art Educator Association), Ikatan Alumni Seni Rupa Indonesia (Indonesian Art Alumni Association), International Society for Education through Art, and Asia Pacific Confederation for Arts Education. Prof. Primadi was also an important figure in sport especially hockey. 

Prof. Primadi dedicated his life to the art world and children education. It can be seen from several trainings he joined: Training in Tertiary Education, Terc. UNSW, Sydney, (1976); TV Education Script, graduated With Distinction, Yogyakarta, (1977); Course in TV Production, graduated With Distinction, Hilversum, Belanda, (1979); TV Education Script, Pustekom, Jakarta, (1980); and Formative Evaluation of Education Media, Pustekkom, IKIP Jakarta, (1982). He carried on research, wrote scientific papers, and wrote books related to art education, visual/audio visual communication, creativity, also visual language of images. The Faculty of Art and Design of Maranatha Christian University also held an exhibition of Bahasa Rupa dari Masa ke Masa (Visual Language from Time to Time) and Seminar Bahasa Rupa Go International (Seminar of Visual Language Go International) with Primadi Tabrani in Hajad Jagad 2017. Those events were intended to appreciate his contribution in developing art and design, started from the theory of the creation process, children’s drawings, learning proses, also visual language.

For his dedication in education and art world, Prof. Primadi achieved some awards such as Wendy Sorensen Award for the Best Thesis from Wendy Sorensen Foundation (1970); Satya Lancana Karya Satya XX Tahun from the President of the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta (1996); and 25 Years Devotion Medal from the Rector of Bandung Institute of Technology (1997). At the end of his life, he achieved Anugerah Budaya Kota Bandung 2018 award from Bandung City Government through the Bandung City Department of Culture and Tourism as a cultural figure who contributed in art and culture development.


*Picture is taken from Facebook Ifa Safira Sagir