News : Srihadi Soedarsono Exhibits 44 Landscape Paintings

The exhibition opening and book launching of “Srihadi Soedarsono– Man x Universe” was held on Wednesday evening (11/3/2020) at Gedung A Galeri Nasional Indonesia. It was officially opened by the Minister of State Owned Enterprises Erick Thohir.

Man x Universe presents 44 landscape paintings by Srihadi also a video work responding to Srihadi’s paintings. Landscape series was known as a signature of Srihadi, in this exhibition context are paintings that have the structures of landscape, land (earth), sky, and accompanying elements.

According to the exhibition curator A. Rikrik Kusmara, the artworks in this exhibition can at least be grouped into 4 themes, the Social Critics (Papua Series, Bandung Series, and Field of Salt), Dynamic (Jatiluwih Series and Energy of Waves), Human & Nature (Mountain Series, Tanah Lot Series, Gunung Kawi Series), also Contemplation (Horizon Series dan Borobudur Series). Those artworks are a new approach from Srihadi in expressing landscape because they show metaphors and symbols that are quite complex. Srihadi’s artistic process in creating those artworks is not separated from the Indonesian socio-political conditions when the tension was high during 2016-2019.

Responding to Srihadi’s works in this exhibition, Erick Thohir mentioned many of them contained social criticism, yet presented softly. “About Bandung, for instance, (the air) was once cold and now a bit hotter, or the development of Jakarta that sometimes damages the environment. Those were described in a wonderful expression,” said Erick.

Cultural Practitioner, Dr. Jean Couteau as the writer of Srihadi Soedarsono— Man x Universe” book sees Srihadi as a figure who has the ability ‘to feel’ which is not only outstanding but also developed and sharpened by his traditional Javanese origin. “By considering the Indonesian as well as the world art history, Srihadi Soedarsono is not only a symbolic/color-ist maestro of Indonesia but a world-class symbolic/color-ist maestro as well,” he said.

To the eyes of Galeri Nasional Indonesia’s Head Pustanto, Srihadi is a consistent painter and very productive in creating artworks until his almost 9 decades age. “Seeing him, Srihadi is not only a painter who merely exhibits his works, his quite long art journey passing through times is a valuable experience that can be an inspiration and motivation for art lovers,” he said. This exhibition, according to him, is an appreciation for Srihadi Soedarsono’s achievement as a flawless artist. “With his ethic, emphatic, and aesthetic, Srihadi enlivens his works. On the other hand, his works also motivate his life, so he keeps healthy and actively works in his old age. This is why Srihadi becomes an inspiration for many generations,” said Pustanto.

“Srihadi Soedarsono– Man x Universe” is on display until 9 April 2020. Visitors can see Srihadi‘s works starting from 10 am to 7 pm at Gedung A Galeri Nasional Indonesia. There will be a seminar held on Saturday, (23/3/2020) at the Seminar Room of Galeri Nasional Indonesia