News : Five years anniversary of Jakarta Illustration Visual Art

Galeri Nasional Indonesia started its exhibition journey in 2020 with the opening exhibition of “Excursion” which was officiated by Dr. Melani Setiawan on 8 January 2020 at Gedung D. There was also a violin performance by Satriaji and a harp show by Analea Kaylea Bondjol.

 “EXCURSION” marks the 5 years anniversary of Jakarta Illustration Visual Art (JIVA). The curator, Frigidanto Agung, mentioned that excursion was taken from the word journey. The exhibition tells the art journey of 19 artists involved in this exhibition.

Every artwork is a self-reflection of each artist's soul and body. They try to explore their own view into three perspectives: “misi ragawi”, “menjiwai raga”, and “jiwa (dalam) raga”. These three points of views resulted in the artistic creation of a clear reflection of all the troubles around us.

Head of Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Pustanto, hoped that this exhibition can be a good start for Galeri Nasional Indonesia in 2020. “EXCURSION” is also a realization of Galeri Nasional Indonesia’s support to young artists with their experimental technique.

 “EXCURSION” will go on until 27 January 2020 at Gedung D Galeri Nasional Indonesia from 10.00 – 19.00. Information about this exhibition is on the social media of Galeri Nasional Indonesia and @jakarta_illustration_visualart.