Press Release : "Necklace of Equator" Painting Exhibition and Historical Archive Exhibition

From 3 to 17 February 2020 at Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jakarta, a painting exhibition entitled “Necklace of Equator” by Russian artists grouped under the Bureau of Creative Expeditions led by Vladimir Nikolaevich Anisimov is held. Besides the painting exhibition, photos and documents of the Historical Archives of Indonesia – Russia Diplomatic Relations will be on display too. Those are collections of the National Archive, Republic of Indonesia (ANRI) and the Department of History and Documentary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Federation.

The exhibition will be officiated together by Russian Ambassador H.E. Ludmila Vorobieva, Acting Director General of American and European Affairs, Ambassador Teuku Faizasyah and Acting Director of the National Archive Mr. M. Taufik. The opening will be attended by around 200 invitees from Indonesian and Russian Embassy officials, public figures, mass media, also the general public. This exhibition marks the kick-off of event series for the commemoration of 70 years of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Russia which will be held in Indonesia and Russia during the whole of 2020 by involving various stakeholders.

There are historical photos on display such as the official visit of Prince Nikolay Alexandrovich to Hindia Belanda in 1891; the visit of Consul General of the Russian Tsar to Batavia; President Sukarno’s visit to Russia; Prime Minister Nikita Kruschev’s visit to Indonesia in 1960, etc. There are also several documents showing correspondences between the Soviet Union’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Republic of Indonesia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the Soviet Union’s recognition of the Republic of Indonesia’s sovereignty on 3 February 1950 and documents informing some collaboration for the development of Indonesia and the Soviet Union, such as Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Tugu Tani Statue, Persahabatan Hospital, as the silent witnesses of both country’s long journey of relationship.

ANRI’s film documentaries are also played. Some contain video of the letter of credence handover from the Soviet Union’s Ambassador Nikolay Alexandrovich Mikhailov to President Sukarno; Soviet Union’s contingent on the closing ceremony of GANEFO; also news about a friendly match between the Soviet Union’s Soccer Team and PSM Makassar’s Soccer Team.

The exhibition of 50 paintings by Russian artists created in 20 years period depicts the beauty of Indonesian nature and people. These paintings are a kaleidoscope of the Russian artists’ journey in recording the beauty of nature and people from the islands of Java, Sumatera, Madura, Bali, Lombok, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi.