Press Release : Socialization of Painting Conservation in Yogyakarta


Some of the tasks and functions of Galeri Nasional Indonesia (GNI) as a cultural institution under the Directorate General of Culture are to preserve the state collection artworks, to provide educational services, and to build partnerships in art. One of the realizations of those tasks is by holding a “Painting Conservation Socialization” on 28 November 2019 at Ruang Mrican, Museum Tembi Yogyakarta.

This workshop is a collaboration program between Galeri Nasional Indonesia and Musyawarah Musea (Barahmus) DIY presenting some notable speakers such as Drs. Pustanto, M.M. (Head of Galeri Nasional Indonesia), Asies Sigit, S.S. (Lecturer of the Cultural Science Faculty of Universitas Gadjah Mada), Drs. Budiharja, M.M. (Museum Practitioner), dan Dra. Selarti Venetsia (Curator of Museum Lukis Affandi). The moderator is Dr. Maherta, M.A. (Lecturer of the Cultural Science Faculty of Universitas Gadjah Mada).

The conservation activities at GNI are still unpublished whereas many preservation and protection activities are routinely carried out at GNI to ensure the artworks are always in their best conditions as well as to avoid any damage so the next generation visitors can enjoy them too in the future.

Pustanto hoped this workshop could provide a discourse as well as comprehension, also encouraged the public awareness towards the importance of preserving and taking care of artworks. Furthermore, this workshop is expected to become an interactive and innovative discussion platform as well as give practical experience, particularly about conservation also to give inspiration and motivation to preserve and conserve artworks, or may even give birth to eminent conservators for Indonesian art.

Jakarta,  November 2019