News : Marrying Art and Architecture in AFAIR 2020

Architecture is not only a science of design but also can be a way to reach the world balance. That is the mission brought by the Architecture Fair (AFAIR) 2020 opened yesterday on Wednesday (28/1) at Ruang Serbaguna Galeri Nasional Indonesia (GNI). This biennial event is a collaboration of the Architectural Department of the University of Indonesia, Galeri Nasional Indonesia (GNI), and the Indonesian Association of School of Architecture (APTARI).

AFAIR 2020 brings “Us Within Us Without” as its themes to show how human connects to the architectural world so that public can see architecture as a way to find the answer for many issues such as environment, climate, social, culture, also disaster. “So architecture students can become a guardian or the earth savior,” said the curator and Chairman of APTARI Yandi Andri Yatmo.

The curatorial process of AFAIR 2020 encourages every participant to think further about design, how to connect it with actual issues. Therefore, the displayed artworks in this AFAIR 2020 will encourage discourses that give a new direction for architecture education, to create architects who have critical thinking and responsible for their works. “We hope that architect students can be the students’ spearhead to create a better world by confirming their idealism also as an architect, they must be responsible for their work,” said the Head of Architecture Department of the University of Indonesia, Dr. Ing. Ir. Dalhar Susanto who attended the opening ceremony of AFAIR 2020.

Support and hope for AFAIR 2020 were also stated by the Head of Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Pustanto who mentioned that this marriage between art and architecture is something outstanding. He hoped that AFAIR 2020 can encourage new art creation combining diverse disciplines.

AFAIR 2020 exhibits 214 architectural works in two and three dimensional, consists of 105 artworks by architecture students from 62 universities/institutes under APTARI who pass the curatorial selection, also 109 artworks by the students of the Architecture Department of the University of Indonesia selected under the curatorial consideration.

Besides exhibition, AFAIR 2020 also brings along several supporting events such as open discussions and artwork presentations held throughout the AFAIR 2020 period at Galeri Nasional Indonesia.

AFAIR 2020 is held from 28 January to 9 February 2020 at Gedung C Galeri Nasional Indonesia. Open every day (except on national holidays) from 10 am to 7 pm. For further information on the exhibition and other events, please visit the social media account of Galeri Nasional Indonesia or AFAIR 2020 @afairui.