Press Release : Painting Exhibition of 3 Women Artists

Painting Exhibition of 3 Women Artist:

“Time Lovers” – Mother Creativity of All Time

21 April – 6 May 2017
B Building, National Gallery of Indonesia

Being a mother with domestic roles in a household is a common thing in most Indonesian people but on their spare time, Indonesian women are able to present the values and moral messagesthrough artworks which is an achievement itself. Especially if the artworks can enrich the dynamics of Indonesian art development history, then the role of Indonesian women artists deserve ”a culture stage”. That spirit is reflected in the exhibition of 3 Indonesian women artists: Neneng Sia Ferrier, Ika Yuni Purnama, and Rina Kurniyati entitled ”Time Lovers” – Mothers’ Creativity of All Time, a cooperation between Time Lovers Art Group and National Gallery of Indonesia

“A mothers’ creativity of all time” is inspired from a children’s song popular in 1979 entitled KasihIbu (a mother’s love). This song written by Mochtar BC has a very simple poem but implies a deep meaning about the role of a mother. Anyone hearing the song will melt, in this context we are trying to understand the extent to which ‘the meaning of a mother’s love’ associated with the concept of creativity. A creativity for a mother was divided in two dimensions, (i) ‘first creativity wave’ begins when entering the household life through the long alley of life that is pregnancy, giving birth, as well as raising and educating children. The process and experience are a form of creativity in the context of ‘a mother’s instinct’ (ii) ‘second wave creativity’ concepts occurs when the kids are preteen and slowly become mature. A mother is sometimes faced with the ‘long loneliness’ because the children already have their own space and social environment. That is where the creativity born in the context of creating artworks inspired by domestic spaces, especially in selecting themes/objects as an expression of love among family members and daily objects at home. 

The Curator of the exhibition Citra SmaraDewi says that this exhibition has a special meaning because there is an effort to conduct an aesthetic exploration through a new medium approach. For example, a contemporary glass artist, Rina Kurniyati, uses glass and enamel. Through hyper-realist glass paintings, Rina seems to want to ‘break’ the assumption of a realist painting can only be achieved by oil paint/acrylic on canvas. Meanwhile, IkaYuniPurnama emphasizes the strength of color and composition in her works. The dominance of contrast colors with the power of forecasting colors make IkaYuni’s works very dynamic and energetic. Whereas NenengSia Ferrier has the power to bring the figures with ‘long neck’ on her works. Neneng also features an installation work with lotus theme which becomes the only mixed media work of total 24 paintings exhibited. Director of the National Gallery of Indonesia Tubagus ‘Andre’ Sukmana greatly appreciates the exhibition held in this Kartini Day because he thinks the number of female artists who exhibit at the National Gallery of Indonesia in terms of quantity and quality are still very limited. 

Women Artists Exhibition “Time Lovers” is held on 21 April – 6 May 2017 at B Building of the National Gallery of Indonesia. The exhibition which is scheduled to be opened by Mrs. Sukmawati Sukarno Putri is accompanied with series of activities such as Painting Workshop - a cooperation with the students of the Faculty of Art and Design, Jakarta Arts Institute on 22 April 2017 at 10 AM – 4 PM and Artist Talk on 22 April 2017 at 2 PM – 4 PM at the Seminar Room.

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