News : Jeihan Sukmantoro's Obituary



Jeihan Sukmantoro (81), one of Indonesia’s notable artists passed away on Friday, 29 November 2019 at his private studio in Padasuka, Bandung. Jeihan was an expressionist-style painter renowned for hollow-eyed or ‘blank-eyed’ figures in his paintings. This significant character of Jeihan’s paintings symbolized the very broad life mystery faced by human. Besides painting, he also created sculptures, ceramics, wrote articles as well as poems.


Jeihan had joined around 100 exhibitions during his artistic life. This Solo born artist also published six books and two documentary films. For his dedication in the art world, Jeihan achieved an award as the Pioneer of West Java Art (2006) and Anugerah Budaya Kota Bandung (2009). One of his artworks entitled “Wanita Duduk” (1978) is a state-collection preserved at Galeri Nasional Indonesia


Au revoir, Jeihan…


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