Press Release : Solo Exhibition by Priyaris Munandar "Napak Tilas Peradaban"


Napak Tilas Peradaban (the Trail of Civilization), in celebration of 400 years Batavia-Jakarta (1619 – 2019), is the theme chosen by Priyaris Munandar as the focus of his solo exhibition. The official opening is on Tuesday, 25 June 2019 at Gedung A Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur No. 14 Central Jakarta, at 7 PM. This exhibition will be on display until Sunday, 15 July 2019. This solo exhibition is a collaboration among Sarasvati Art Communication & Publication, Galeri Nasional Indonesia of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Studio Lir Ilir 234, and PT. Pos Indonesia.

The mission of Priyaris’ solo exhibition is “connectivity” inspires artworks and, the other way round, artworks encourage the “connectivity” which indirectly can strengthen the international trade. Indonesia is a very strategic country for having influences from four major cultural trade routes which are the Western culture, the Chinese culture, the Hindu (Indian) culture, and the Islamic culture. All those cultures enrich Indonesian culture. That kind of spirit is what Priyaris tries to describe through his solo exhibition.

The trade routes had been established since the ancient time to transfer logistics from the production places to the trading places, especially for some rare commodities which only present at certain locations. The trade routes are not only about trading goods, but, more interestingly, what become Priyaris’ focus is how the trade routes become facilitators of cultural changes, dissemination of religions, and sciences.

With the development of iron and bronze technology as well as transportation, several kinds of new trade routes are formed and so are the new civilizations. Ancient trade routes were the origin of globalization which allowed the exchanges of ideas, cultures, and technologies. Respecting different cultures and avoiding intercultural conflicts was one of the missions of this exhibition.

As an artist, Priyaris is mostly inspired by original images or artifacts carried by missionaries and nomads, also by watching historical documentaries and reading books which he tries to express on two-dimensional visual artworks. Priyaris attempts to revive the tradition of art exchanges by interpreting the old times into his artworks, with his own character of style and technique which is called 3M [(Membentuk (to form) – Merusak (to destroy) – Menghias (to decorate)]. Trade routes with particular commodities such as spices, tea, amber, tin, and incense are illustrated interestingly by Priyaris. This spirit to illustrate the journey of the trade routes is figured and perpetuated by Priyaris on 35 paintings at this solo exhibition.

 “Priyaris’ paintings in this exhibition are unique or unequaled in painting art sphere in Indonesia. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time where an Indonesian artist intensely explores the visual matter of trades on tenth of canvases,” said Wahyudin, the curator of this exhibition. He mentioned that Priyaris was able to build a visual world which did not only become a comparison for the referential world, but also became a new world which invited the public to appreciate and explore it.

Tuesday, 25 June 2019
at 7 PM
at Gedung A Galeri Nasional Indonesia
Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur No. 14 Jakarta Pusat

26 June – 15 July 2019
at 10 AM – 19 PM
at Gedung A Galeri Nasional Indonesia