News : 20 years of andramatin's work at Galeri Nasional Indonesia



Commemorating the 2 decades of andramatin studio journey, Isandra Matin Ahmad, known as andramatin or Mas Aang among his best friends, opens up the stories behind the veil hidden from his architecture lovers all this time. It was realized in a celebration embodied in an exhibition called “PRIHAL: arsitektur andramatin” held at Galeri Nasional Indonesia.

The exhibition was opened on Wednesday (28/11) at Plaza Galeri Nasional Indonesia. Banyuwangi Regent, Abdullah Azwar Anas, who officially opened the exhibition, conveyed his appreciation for andramatin’s architectural contribution to Banyuwangi. Anas also hoped that architects could “intervene” the leaders, especially regional governments, to create buildings that could be a symbol of the region’s development story.

Two major ideas presented in this exhibition are the vast diversity of andramatin’s architectural works spread across Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia, also how the application of architectural disciplines are created, managed, and maintained in the daily work of andramatin studio. This exhibition is divided into 8 parts to enjoy: Prihal Jakarta, Prihal Kota Lainnya, Prihal Bentuk, Prihal Material, Prihal yang Berulang, Prihal Sehari-hari, Linimasa, and art shop.

The exhibition started with a tunnel decorated with woven partition showing the timeline of andramatin studio from 1998 to 2019. Entering Gedung A, visitors can enjoy andramatin’s architectural works, which most of them are never shown to the public. Exploring more, visitors will find kinds of forms and materials used by andramatin in his works. Meanwhile, the last part shows the daily routine at andramatin studio, also interactive game using Lego to recreate andramatin’s works.

The exhibition curator, Danny Wicaksono, said this show was not only present to display the seen and the explicit matters of andramatin’s works, but also to understand many main issues and hidden meanings, concealed in many opportunities. Danny also added that the curatorial discourse was arranged in a way that enabled more people to study deeper about andramatin’s career, as a studio and as a person, because he was already a barometer to many architects nowadays.

“PRIHAL: arsitektur andramatin” is exhibited at Galeri Nasional Indonesia from 28 November to 11 December 2019 at Gedung A, B, and Outdoor area. The exhibition information is available on the social media of Galeri Nasional Indonesia and Instagram @prihal_andramatin.