Press Release : Workshop Menjadi Apresiator Seni yang Terhebat

Press Release

Guidance and Education Program: “Becoming the Greatest Art Appreciator”

Jakarta, 29 August 2017 – One of the tasks and functions of the National Gallery of Indonesia (GNI) is to carry out educational services in the field of visual art. The educational services are conducted in the form of guidance and education program for students, teachers, artists, visual art community, and public in order to broaden and give insight about visual art and related aspects. This activity is routinely conducted in some provinces in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Serang, Sukabumi, Banyumas, Malang, Tasikmalaya, Solo, and Bandung. 
This year’s Guidance and Education Program of the National Gallery of Indonesia brings the theme of “Becoming the Greatest Art Appreciator”. This time, the National Gallery of Indonesia will involves students from middle and high schools also art and culture teachers from several schools in Jakarta. The selection of students as the target audiences is based on the data that the visitors of the National Gallery of Indonesia are dominated by young generation, especially students. Most of them follow the selfie trend by taking picture in front of artworks and upload it in social media. The increasing popularity of the National Gallery of Indonesia as a visual tourist destination for young people sometimes results in an exaggerated response when appreciating artworks such as touching or holding the artworks. The action is not justified, because it leads to the destruction of artworks, especially the state collections. Artworks that become the state collections must be preserved, conserved, and safeguarded so that they can be enjoyed and inherited to young generation as an important historical incarnation of art development as the nation identity. 
In response to the phenomenon, the National Gallery of Indonesia has the initiative to conduct this activity to nurture great art appreciators (have the ethics and proper ways in appreciating artwork). The workshop invites participants to engage directly in understanding the rules, the dos and don’ts, as well as understanding positive attitudes and behaviors in appreciating artworks. All participants will be involved directly in appreciating the artworks in the permanent exhibition (state collections). All activities of the participants inside the exhibition room will be recorded secretly and played back in front of all participants to show which attitudes are good or bad in appreciating artwork. National Gallery of Indonesia makes the participants themselves as an example to make it easier to internalize ethics, attitudes, and good behavior in appreciating artwork. 
This guidance and education program also aims at creating initiators who will transfer the knowledge of ethics, attitudes, and proper behavior in appreciating artworks to their closest environment or even surrounding acquaintances. This is a manifestation of the efforts from the National Gallery of Indonesia to invite the community to actively participate in preserving artworks in a simple way. 
The guidance and education program of “Becoming the Greatest Art Appreciator” is expected to aware the participants of the negative impacts from attitudes and behavior that are not justified in appreciating the artwork. Moreover, participants are expected to be the agent of change for themselves and surrounding environment to educate them to appreciate artworks in ways that comply with the rules. Hopefully this event will create the greatest art appreciators! 

Tubagus Sukamana (Director of the National Gallery of Indonesia)
Citra Smara Dewi (Curator of the National Gallery of Indonesia)
Zamrud Setya Negara (National Motivator Education and Art)