Press Release : Dua Kutub Exhibition – Gigih Wiyono


Kutub (pole) is literally translated to a shaft end or the earth axis, the tip of a magnetic bar pulling each other. Dua Kutub is emerged from two artists: Masdibyo from Tuban, East Java and Gigih Wiyono from Sukoharjo, Central Java. They are two national with differences in education background. Masdibyo was graduated from IKIP Surabaya while Gigih Wiyono was graduated from STSI Surakarta and Post-Graduate of ISI Yogyakarta.

Genetically, their artworks’ creation process are different. Masdibyo was born in the Southern part of Pacitan and grew up in the Northern part of Tuban. It makes him familiar with a fisherman’s culture. Meanwhile, Gigih Wiyono was born in Sukoharjo, the hinterland of the Southern part of Central Java with a rich agriculture world. Each artist’s tradition and environment influences their creation process as well as the artworks.

In this Dua Kutub exhibition, Masdibyo displays 30 paintings during the year of 2007 – 2017 while Gigih Wiyono presents 23 paintings and 9 sculptures during the year of 2013 – 2017. The opening ceremony is scheduled to be officially opened by Eko Sulistyo SS, Deputy IV of Political Communication of the Presidential Staff Office.

The uniqueness in their artworks are very distinct and worth to be studied conceptually as well as visually. The differences in education background also in the creation process make Dua Kutub important to be presented in a group exhibition to reveal the spirit that emerges in their artworks.

We, the Dua Kutub: Masdibyo and Gigih Wiyono, are here to bring a message about the power of love. We present the spirit from the energy of peace and love. It is about relationship between human with human, human with nature, and human with God. It is also about micro cosmos and macro cosmos, yin and yang, lingga and yoni, vertical and horizontal, positive and negative, power and flexibility, etc. The power of being in pairs which cannot happen without being there and complete each other. Unity, harmony, and balance are presented through a long creativity process individually. Masdibyo explores within the coastal area, while Gigih Wiyono explores in agriculture area. Our socio culture are very diffenrent but our creation is full of energy. It was like the energy of salt and sea fishes with the energy of tamarind and rice, but we complete and strengthen each other. One speaks for loneliness, contemplation, and single power, while another one speaks of communalities, crowd, and togetherness.

Our present comes from a heart power willing to spread the seeds of love with the hope that the community are aware to see the heterogenic side of life. Since the beginning of human civilization on earth, art and cultures has proven to unite various perceptions, where differences are a gift to be grateful for by appreciating each other. We then agree to be together with different power and creativity, yet spread a positif energy together. The energy of Dua Kutub literally means a shaft end or an earth axis. the tip of a magnetic bar, pulling each other. Genetically, our source of creation ideas are different, so that each subject depth has an against each other character. The artworks are displayed in parallel to show the character of completing each other between minimalist and complexity, between bright and soft colour, etc. The main point of this exhibition is the unity of two national artists with their different background as well as creative exploration. We hope that this exhibition can be an appreciative platform for art lovers, and becomes an artistic enlightenment oase in the middle of the noisy life which tends to be pragmatic materialistic. Dua Kutub is there, present and fused within our creativity which brings the energy of love and affection.

Masdibyo as an artists whose position is in the Northern pole of Java (Pantura, Tuban, and the coastal part of East Java) has been exploring people’s matters of local wisdoms, love, and softness. Gigih Wiyono has grown up in village and agriculture regions and becomes the keeper of local wisdoms in the Southern pole of Java (Sukoharjo, Solo). He creates the myth of paddy symbol and fertility which are the foundation of agriculture society. The myths of fertility such as Javanese letters and traditional patterns are presented contemporarily. In this exhibition, we both fuses under one theme of Dua Kutub, as a harmonization sublimed in the artworks. Our present is a form of aesthetic expression, love and even concern.



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Wednesday, 10 January 2018
8 PM
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11 – 21 January 2018
10 AM – 7 PM
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M Dwi Marianto

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