News : National Gallery of Indonesia Supports 2 Artists To Europalia Art Festival Indonesia

"Indonesian culture must be a pride in the country, and 
fascinating as a guest abroad”

As a biennial event, Europalia Arts Festival is the biggest and prestigious event in Europe. In 2017 on its 26th festival, Indonesia is honored to be the first guest country from Southeast Asia as well as the fourth from Asia after China, Japan, and India. The festival that will be held for three months from 10 October 2017 to 21 January 2018 in Belgium and 50 cities in surrounding countries will present theater, film, music, visual art, literature, dance, comic, and culinary.

228 works and events, 69 dance and theater performances, 71 music performances, 36 literature events, 38 film screenings, and 14 exhibitions will present in this festival. Altogether will involve 486 Indonesian artists. Therefore, Hilmar Farid as the Director General of Culture mentioned that the responsibility of organizing Europalia Arts Festival Indonesia which is under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Republic of Indonesia will run in 3 level of successes: organization, promotion, and gain. 

To succeed this event, the National Gallery of Indonesia will also participate in Europalia Art Festival Indonesia by presenting artworks by Faisal Habibi and Eko Prawoto. The works of both artists curated by Asikin Hasan and Rizki A. Zaelani will be created in two different cities. The work of Faisal Habibi will be installed in Brussels entitled “Gunungan” features geometric, colorful, and looming patterns derived from the logo of Europalia Indonesia 2017. On the other hand, the work of Eko Prawoto entitled “Bale Kambang” is created by developing bamboo materials that are interactive so visitors can see and play with the materials. 

The contribution of the National Gallery of Indonesia in the success of Europalia Art Festival Indonesia this time becomes an effort in implementing the mission to increase the art exhibition activity that is not only at home but also abroad. It is also an effort to broaden the network and partnership in visual art, creating a good relationship to promote Indonesian art at home and abroad.