News : Another visit from Australian Students to the National Gallery of Indonesia


Following ACICIS (The Australian Consortium for ‘In-Country’ Indonesian Studies), another education institution from Australia came to the National Gallery of Indonesia. 19 visitors of students and lecturers from Australian National University (ANU) came on Monday, 29 January 2018.

ANU is a research university specialized in findings and public policy prioritizing the research on challenges faced by Australia and the world. ANU has a program called The Australian National University’s Inaugural Intensive Course on Indonesian Art which is a field study to understand Indonesian art and culture, especially in Java and Bali. Their trip to the National Gallery of Indonesia is related to the field study.

During their visit, they were presented with a video profile about the National Gallery of Indonesia. The video informed about the history of the National Gallery of Indonesia: its vision and mission, tasks, roles and functions, also activities of the National Gallery of Indonesia. Completing the video, curator of the National Gallery of Indonesia, Bayu Genia Krishbie and the public relations of the National Gallery of Indonesia, Afrina Rosmani explained briefly some activities at the National Gallery of Indonesia.

“The National Gallery of Indonesia is a modern and contemporary art gallery/museum of Indonesia, belongs to the government under the auspices of the Directorate General of Culture, Ministry of Education and Culture. It is a non-profit organization,” said Bayu at his opening explanation. “Some of our programs are Permanent Exhibition, Temporary Exhibitions including Traveling Exhibitions at home and abroad, Socialization Programs, Education programs, Workshops, Seminars, Discussions, Gallery Tours, and other activities related to preservation, development, utilization, and appreciation of art, also public service related to art,” said Bayu. Bayu’s explanation then is continued with a questions and answers session.

The students joined a gallery tour and enjoyed appreciating artworks presented in the Permanent Exhibition room at the 2nd floor of B Building and a temporary exhibition at A Building, guided by Bayu and two educators, Putra Murdhani and Aola Romadhona. The students are enthusiast in observing and exploring information about the exhibitions. They also enjoyed taking pictures in front of artworks that they found interesting.