News : Capturing the Female ‘Spirit’ at “Into the Future” Exhibition


What can we imagine about women these days? They are not only housewives who turn into working women, yet many women these days have become qualified artists. It is shown through an art exhibition entitled Indonesian Women Artist: Into the Future held at Galeri Nasional Indonesia.

This collaborative exhibition between Galeri Nasional Indonesia and Cemara 6 Gallery-Museum presents artworks by young Indonesian women artists from Jakarta, Bandung, and Yogyakarta. The installation artworks of video art, sound art, LED light, photo media, and coding presented uniquely connect art, technology, and science. The curator who is also a journalist Carla Bianpoen said, “The female spirit is able to synergize with technology and science so that they create a new direction of art”.

Natasha Tontey with her work entitled From Pest to Power creates an installation art which raises the power of cockroaches in the future. Cockroaches, according to her, as marginals and excluded creatures were the only species which are able to survive and possibly become the key for a sustainable future. “This installation is inspired by Manifesto Xenofeminism where the future will not only focus on human but also other creatures,” explained the curator Citra Smara Dewi.

Similar to Natasya, Irene Agrivina Widyaningrum with her work entitled Tajin also counts on the power of science on her art project. She develops a biological process with open source software and hardware to make clothes to cover the women body. Through that process, Irene creates cellulose which is then added with acetobacter xylinum bacteria and bacteria flower from women genitals. This artwork shows the innovation of women nowadays who use the collaboration of art and science.

Tara Astari Kasenda with her work entitled Sous Les Cumulus Humilis is inspired with the power of technology. She wants to return to the idea of the 21st-century impressionists. According to her, the use of technology and new media is able to make a new innovation in the art world. The artwork is the result of her observation towards the changes of light in the sky in Paris and how it affects the environment. Tara took photos the changes not less than 400 times since August 2018, she then abstracted those thousands of colors into 9 RGB by using photo editing and coding software.

Artworks of this exhibition according to Carla marked today’s spirit to welcome the future. “The Exhibition of Indonesian Women Artists: Into the Future will become a publication of the progress of Indonesian women artists and can be a reference for the research in Indonesian art development,” said the Head of the Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy (BEKRAF) Triawan Munaf at the opening ceremony on Tuesday evening, (26/2/2019).

The Exhibition of Indonesian Women Artists: Into the Future goes on until 16 March 2019 at 10 AM – 7 PM. Public education programs are Book Review (1/3/2019, Art Talk (9/3/2019), Art Discussion (14/3/2019), and Curatorial Tours (2 & 9/3/2019). The public can access all exhibition and programs for free.

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