Press Release : Indonesian Women Artists: Into The Future


Book Launching and Art Exhibition
Indonesian Women Artists: Into the Future
26 February – 16 March 2019
Galeri Nasional Indonesia


As one of the cultural institutions in Indonesia, Cemara 6 Gallery-Museum since its foundation in 1993 has been committed to art and culture by devoting its attention to Indonesian women artists. This 2019, Cemara 6 Gallery-Museum cooperates with Galeri Nasional Indonesia by holding the Book Launching and Exhibition of Indonesian Women Artist (IWA): “Into the Future”. IWA 2019 book contains profiles of 21 young Indonesian contemporary women artists, their working journey, their working concept, and their achievement. Artists’ selection is based on the consideration of their “Out of the Box” concepts with a very strong working spirit. Besides the IWA 2019 book launching, there is also IWA 2019 Exhibition. This exhibition presents new artworks by 21 artists from Jakarta, Bandung, and Yogyakarta.21 installation and mixed media works are on display, starting from linocut, textile, photography, glass, gauze, ceramic, watercolor, iron plate also tree branches. The awareness in synergizing art, technology, and science becomes the power of this exhibition through artworks of video art, sound art, LED light, photo media, and coding until the use of bacteria such as Acetobacter Xylinum, as well as bacteria flower from women genitals as parts of the artists’ concept of work.

The exhibition goes from 26 February to 16 March 2019 at A Building Galeri Nasional Indonesia with Carla Bianpoen and Citra Smara Dewi as the curators. According to Carla Bianpoen, the female “spirit” emphasizing on “sense” and “sensitivity” specifically from women is the power of IWA 2019 Exhibition. Technology develops rapidly, new inventions in science enrich lives nowadays, and the “female spirit” is making an unbearable breakthrough. All of those open challenges and opportunities as well as new ways in the contemporary art world creating “Art of Another Kind”. The Indonesian Women Artists Exhibition: “Into the Future” marks the direction of art working to the future where the female spirit becomes the diva in determining new art, or today’s art or we can also call it a “NOW ART”. According to Dr. Inda Citraninda Noerhadi, Chairman of Cemara Enam Foundation, this event is hoped to strengthen the existence of Indonesian women artists in the development of art on the national as well as international level. Added by the Head of Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Pustanto, this exhibition completed with the book launching about Indonesian women artists does not only present their significant artworks to be accessed and enjoyed by the public but also as the acknowledgment of their existence as well as contribution noted in the history of Indonesian art development.

Supporting programs consist of Public Education Programs such as the Book Launching on Friday, 1 March 2019 at 3 PM with the speakers: Prof. Dr. Melani Budianta, Carla Bianpoen, and Aprina Murwanti, Ph.D., and the moderator is Debra Yatim. Art Talk under the theme of “Art, Science and Technology” on Saturday, 9 March 2019 at 2 PM with the speakers: Prof. Dr. Ign. Bambang Sugiarto, Carla Bianpoen, Irene Agrivina, Etza Meisyara, and Andrita Yuniza Orbandi, and the moderator is Citra Smara Dewi. There will also curatorial tours held on Saturday, 2 and 9 March 2019 at 3 PM, guided by the curators Carla Bianpoen and Citra Smara Dewi. Discussion with the title “Seni Rupa, Kekayaan Intelektual dan Ekonomi Kreatif” (Art, Intellectual Property, and Creative Economy) on Thursday, 14 March 2019 at 2 PM with the speakers: Dr. Inda Citraninda Noerhadi (Art and Intellectual Property), Ricky Pesik, Vice Head of the Indonesian Creative Economy Agency (Art and Sustainable Creative Economy) and Dr. Wiyu Wahono, Collector, (Art and Investment) with the moderator Eddy Soetriyono.


Book Launching and Exhibition
Indonesian Women Artists: Into the Future
26 February – 16 March 2019
Galeri Nasional Indonesia

Presenting artworks by 21 young Indonesian contemporary women artists:
1. Andrita Yuniza
2. Ayu Arista Murti
3. Cecilia Patricia
4. Dita Gambiro
5. Elia Nurvista
6. Erika Ernawan
7. Etza Meisyara
8. Fika Ria Santika
9. Irene Agrivina
10. Kinez Riza
11. Maharani Mancanagara
Maradita Sutantio
13. Natasha Tontey
14. Octora
15. Prilla Tania
16. Restu Ratnaningtyas
17. Sanchia Tryphosa Hamidjaja
18. Syagini Ratna Wulan
19. Tara Astari Kasenda
20. Theresia Agustina Sitompul
21. Yaya Sung

Carla Bianpoen & Citra Smara Dewi

Tuesday, 26 February 2019
at 7 PM
A Building, Galeri Nasional Indonesia
Jl. Medan Merdeka Timur No. 14 Central Jakarta


Friday, 1 March 2019  |  3 PM  |  Seminar Room
Prof. Dr. Melani Budianta  |  Carla Bianpoen  |  Aprina Murwanti, Ph.D. 
Debra Yatim

ART TALK “Art, Science and Technology”
Saturday, 9 March 2019  |  2 PM  |  Seminar Room
Prof. Dr. Ign. Bambang Sugiarto  |  Carla Bianpoen  |  Irene Agrivina Widyaningrum  |  Etza Meisyara  |  Andrita Yuniza
Citra Smara Dewi

Saturday, 2 & 9 March 2019  |  3 PM
A Building
Carla Bianpoen  |  Citra Smara Dewi

Discussion “Art, Intellectual Property and Creative Economy” 
Thursday, 14 March 2019  |  2 PM  |  Seminar Room
Dr. Inda Citraninda Noerhadi  |  Ricky Pesik  |  Dr. Wiyu Wahono
Eddy Soetriyono