News : Following the 4 Decades Journey of Dolorosa Sinaga

What did Dolorosa Sinaga’s artworks look like 40 years ago? The answer might be found in the retrospective book entitled Dolorosa Sinaga: Tubuh, Bentuk, Substansi launched at Ruang Serbaguna Galeri Nasional Indonesia last Friday (31/01). The launching was along with the opening of the Installation Exhibition Kaleidoscope “40 Years of Dolorosa Sinaga’s Activism” held at Gedung B Galeri Nasional Indonesia.

The book launching and exhibition was carried out by Somalaing Art Studio, Galeri Nasional Indonesia (GNI), Jakarta Art Institute (IKJ), and IKJ Press. DirectorGeneral of Culture, Hilmar Farid was also present showing his support and appreciation for Dolorosa Sinaga’s book and exhibition.

The book of Dolorosa Sinaga: Body, Form, Matter contains records of Dolorosa as a woman sculptor as well as a human rights activist. The book summarizes 4 decades of Dolorosa’s artistic journey elaborated in several parts. It includes her biography, systematically and thematically arranged artworks archive, essays written about Dolorosa and her works, also a complete archive about Dolorosa’s artworks that reach 600 pieces.

Alexander Supartono dan Sony Karsono are the editors of Dolorosa Sinaga: Body, Form, Matter. To Alexander, working with Dolorosa is an amazing opportunity. He complimented the artist for her flexibility and supported the editors to work freely so the book could have comprehensive content. Meanwhile, Sony Karsono with a historian background admitted his experience in editing the book was a challenge he would never reject. To him, this book is important for art academicians, even common people will want to learn about art from the book because there are many inspirations to get, and one of them is an inspiration from Dolorosa’s struggle to become a woman sculptor in Indonesia with a brilliant career.

Completing her book launching, Dolorosa Sinaga also presents a Kaleidoscope of Installation Exhibition “40 Years of Dolorosa Sinaga” displayed on the 1st Floor of Gedung B. This exhibition covers some of her artworks as well as presents Dolorosa’s moments and academic pathways. The exhibition opens from 31 January to 9 February 2020. For further information about all events of “Dolorosa Sinaga’s Book Launching and Exhibition: Form, Body, Matter”, please check out GNI’s official social media accounts.