Press Release : “EXCURSION” 5 Years of Jakarta Illustration Visual Art (JIVA)

Life journey is like a straight line, it will lead endlessly if followed. Motivation and awareness are necessary to shape that lifeline. As forming oneself in that lifeline, it is necessary to have the motivation to follow it. This life journey is presented in an exhibition entitled “EXCURSION” held on 8-27 January 2020 at Gedung D Galeri Nasional Indonesia. This exhibition is a cooperation between Jakarta Illustration Visual Art (JIVA) and Galeri Nasional Indonesia.

The curator, Frigidanto Agung, reveals that excursion is a synonym to the word journey, but in excursion, the journey has more meanings. It also has specific meanings in different fields, also in the art field. Excursion is an art journey of a person or an artist’s journey related to the artistic matter.

According to Agung, “EXCURSION” brings three parts which can be a discourse to develop perspectives. The first, misi ragawi, is embodied in a series of installation art. Misi ragawi shows more the body form in giving the real order of imagination, the body embodiment in a doll is a representation, explaining the imaginary side of the artists in fulfilling the dialogue space. The second, menjiwai raga, emphasizes more on an existing form or already painted in the past, or an artist’s past process then gives a new meaning to the present. The third, jiwa (dalam) raga, is an interpretation process of how to see an existing soul in the body, and then poured it on canvas. Through those three parts, the artworks can show how the body is used to bridge daily subjectivities with artwork artistic problems encountered clearly and with a clear fundamental.

In relations to the excursion concept with this exhibition, the art life journey belongs to 19 artists of this exhibition, they are Ponk-Q Hary Purnomo, Tomy Faisal Alim, Deddy PAW, Ghanyleo, I Dewa Made Mustika, Syis Paindow, as well as some collaborating artists such as Sri Hardana x Rengga Satria x Jason Ranti, Agustan x Kana Fuddy Prakoso, Fitrajaya Nusananta x Sohieb Toyaroja, Jono Sugiartono x Krismarliyanti, RB Ali x Yayat Lesmana, also Hendrikus David Arie x Teguh Hadiyanto. Those artists apply their art journey into visual artworks of paintings, sculptures, and installations with their own character and uniqueness.

“EXCURSION” also marks 5 years anniversary of Jakarta Illustration Visual Art (JIVA)—art management initiated by Ghanyleo. This exhibition will be officiated by Dr. Melani Setiawan on 8 January 2020 at 7 pm supported with a performance by Anela Kaylea Bondjol and Satriaji. A Gallery Tour is available on 16 January 2020 at 1 pm.

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