News : Lecturer of ISI Yogyakarta Sumartono Passed Away

Sad news arrives this early month as one of the senior lecturers of art and design, Drs. Sumartono, MA., Ph.D. passed away on Friday, 3 April 2020.

Born in Yogyakarta, 2 March 1951, Sumartono graduated from his Bachelor Degree in Interior Design at Institut Seni Indonesia (ISI) Yogyakarta (1982); Master Degree in Art History (Fulbright Scholarship) at the University of Chicago, USA (1988); and Doctor in Art Theory and History (World Bank Scholarship) at Cornell University, USA (2011). He was a lecturer at Product Design Study Program, Faculty of Art, ISI Yogyakarta and Post Graduate Program, Faculty of Art and Design, Trisakti University. Sumartono was also the Chairman of LPT ISI Yogyakarta, Vice Dean I of the Faculty of Art and Design ISI Yogyakarta, Senior Assessor of BAN PT. He once joined the curatorial board of Galeri Nasional Indonesia as well.

During his lifetime, Sumartono dedicated himself to the advancement of art in the educational field. Besides giving lectures, he also wrote articles and books, did some researches, as well as becoming speakers for many scientific conferences at home and abroad.