Painting : Kelana Dance (Satya Graha - 1998)

Title : "Kelana Dance"

Artist : Satya Graha

Year : 1998

Oil on canvas.

Dimension : 80 x 109 cms.

An artwork which titled " Tari Kelana " is a poetical illustration of kelono topeng dancer movement, coverted in a drawing technique.  Although it was ilustratedusing blurs technique, the plasticity movement, body anatomy, and the maskexpression still had on intense feeling.  In the year 1980s, Satya Graha realesed a modern fine art aesthetic thinking, that actually became has base thought  and start to walk on his new thought he dwelling with lyricism aesthetic thinking, which expressing the value of subjective soul personality.

In this period, a figure of a human in alienate atmosphere, lonely, and pained had became main theme for his mostly artworks, thas was produced constantly.  Through a strong anatomy drawing skill, the artist could finely utilize his skill into a big media to expressing his thirst.  The artwork reveals an appreciation of humanity value and high creativity from a kelono topeng dancer.  Deep appreciation and poetic from the artist recorded through blurs motion and mystery to the kelono  topeng dancer.