Painting : Balinese Offering (Nyoman Gunarsa - 1981)

Title : "Balinese Offering"

Artist : Nyoman Gunarsa

Year : 1981

Oil on canvas.

Dimension : 65 x 65 cm.

Through the painting " Balinese Offering " created in 1981, Nyoman Gunarsaexpressed the abstraction of the forms of Balinese Offering in various rituals of the life of Hindu society.  The forms of the offering are various in various kinds of materials, form, colours, and functions processed in the abstraction of geometric forms and the variants of expressive lines.  Like his other works, this painting shows the colour contrast in the nuance of white pastel, so its character looks archaic.  The expression become strong, supported by the wide frames full of engrave, and the colour chalk white.

Works of Nyoman also reflect the developing of Indonesian painting toward abstract style.  This tendency, generally, was in the spirit of cultural modernism and aesthetic paradigm emphasizing the universalism and individual freedom.  Yet, the artist, in this period, still expressed the traditional sources, the root of the culture.  Such paradigm often becomes the model of modern art in the non West country.

Through in the form of abstraction, the painting underwent the process, full with Balinese Hindhu experience, and the expression is not just an exploration of the forms of the exotic offering.  Symbolically, this work reflect the religious attitude, keeping on revealing the essential forms of the sacred religious attributes to make closer to the Creator.