Painting : The Flare Up of Reformation (Hening Purnamawati - 1998)

Title : "The Flare Up of Reformation"

Artist : Hening Purnamawati

Year : 1998

Oil on canvas.

Dimension 150 x 200 cms.

Fantastically the painting describes a strange world with various moving figures in a meandering path, finally ends at a gyre up.  In the front ground various figures underdo suffering set in a room of a building with a crown.  Then, the figures are driven through the hall of the building, passing castle crown and tower in the form of scales symbolizing justice.  With bright colour, complex details, passionate rhythmic movements, this painting remainds us of the surrealistic feature of Hieronymus Bosch at the and of Gothic era.

" The Flare Up of Reformation " is the impression of the painter inspired by people delight of reformation movement in Indonesian in 1998.  Symbolically this painting describes the movement of the delighted people to be free from the oppression.