Painting : Untitled (Jean Lurcat - 1966)

Title : "Untitled"

Artist : Jean Lurcat

Year : 1966


Dimension : 45,5 x 57 cms.

This lithographic work of Jean Lurcat depicts unique avian figures. The face of the red bird in the foreground is doused with yellowish ray of light from the sun right above it. From its eyes, lined downward, are feathers that resemble tears. On the head and the tail of the bird is a feather that resemble an erect leaf. The bird behind it also has unique features, the leaf-like feather on the body and from its neck. These feathers resembling leafs give the impression of a metamorphosis of birds into trees.

This work can be understood as a cohesive relationship of these birds that become one with their habitat. This inseparable connection make them grow as a hybrid phenomenon that cannot be made identical to a singular presence. These metamorphosised forms also give it a surrealistic feel.