Citra Smara Dewi


Citra Smara Dewi (born in Jakarta, 29 October 1968)

A doctoral student of the Historical Study, Faculty of Humanities, University of Indonesia, undergoing a study of Galeri Nasional Indonesia’s Roles in the National Identity Formation. Graduated from a master of Communication Study, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, the University of Indonesia in 2004 with a study of Gender Ideology on Dolorosa Sinaga’s Sulptures: Semiotic. Graduated from a Bachelor of Interior Design studies, Faculty of Art and Design, the Jakarta Institute of the Arts in 1998. Published books: Kumpulan Tulisan pada buku Dolorosa Sinaga: Tubuh, Bentuk, Substansi (2020), Sejarah “Tokoh Pahlawan Nasional” dalam visual” (2017),  Seni Rupa Esay dan Kritik, “Kumpulan Artikel Dan Suwaryono” (2015), Seni Rupa Ruang Publik (2015) dan “15 years The National Gallery of Indonesia : Process & Progress”, Galeri Nasional Indonesia, Directorate General of Culture, Ministry of Education and Culture (2013). Journalistic experiences: Journalistic Training at Lembaga Jurnalis Dr. Soetomo, Jakarta, and being a journalist in 1993-1996. Besides being a lecturer at the Faculty of Arts and Design, the Jakarta Institute of the Arts, Citra is also active as an art speaker/consultant, judge, writer, researcher, also an Assessor of Visual Art at the Ministry of Education and Culture. Part of the Board of Curators at Galeri Nasional Indonesia and experiences in curating modern and contemporary art exhibitions at home and abroad.