Bayu Genia Krishbie


Bayu Genia Krishbie (born 1986 in Bandung) completed his Design Bachelor from Textile Department, Faculty of Art and Design, Bandung Institute of Technology in 2008. He works at the National Gallery of Indonesia since 2010 as a collection and documentation staff up until his assignment as an in-house curator since 2014. Bayu was involved in Condition Report, a series of curatorial development workshops organized by the Japan Foundation Asia Center in 2015–2017 in Jakarta, Manila, Bangkok and several other cities in Japan. He has worked in various exhibitions, for instance, “Mode of Liaisons” at Bangkok Art and Culture Center (2017), “Resipro(vo)kasi: Praktik Seni Rupa Terlibat di Indonesia Pascareformasi” at National Gallery of Indonesia (2017) as a part of Condition Report program from the Japan Foundation Asia Center; “Manifesto 6.0: Multipolar” at National Gallery of Indonesia (2018), “Pameran Seni Rupa Koleksi Nasional #2: Lini Transisi” at National Gallery of Indonesia (2019), and “Instrumenta 2: Machine/Magic” International Media Art Festival at National Gallery of Indonesia (2019).