Procedure for Collective Visit

A.   Send a formal letter of visit with the following requirements:

1.   Using official letterhead of the institution/community;

2.   Addressed to the Head of Galeri Nasional Indonesia;

3.   The content clearly mentions visiting time (date and time), the amount of visitors, guidance request (if needed), and a contact person;

4.   Signed by the head of institution/community;

5.   Sent via email to or via post to:

Galeri Nasional Indonesia

Jalan Medan Merdeka Timur No. 14

Jakarta Pusat 10110


B.   Galeri Nasional Indonesia will then follow up the letter to the Head of Galeri Nasional Indonesia for an approval.

C.   Once the visit is approved, Galeri Nasional Indonesia will appoint an educator to contact the person on the letter.

D.   As soon as the visitors arrive at Galeri Nasional Indonesia, visitor coordinator must report to the Security.

E.   Visitors must obey all the visiting rules.

F.   All group/collective visits are free of charge.