Announcement : Let's fight Gratuities together!

As a commitment for the Corruption-Free Integrity Zone (ZI-WBK), the entire GNI corps DO NOT ACCEPT any forms of gratuity-related tips.

Gratuity is a gift in a broad sense, which includes the provision of money, goods, rebates (discounts), commissions, interest-free loans, travel tickets, lodging facilities, travel tours, free medical treatment, and other facilities. These gratuities are either received domestically or abroad and are made using electronic means or without electronic means.

In-service gratuities are official gifts/facilities from the organizer given to official representatives of an institution in a certain activity as an appreciation for their participation or contribution in the activity. Any gratuity to a civil servant or state official is a bribe if it is related to his position and contrary to his obligations or duties.

Every service provided by the National Gallery of Indonesia is every staff duty and obligation.

Let's fight Gratuities together!