Agenda : Exhibition and Book Launching Srihadi Soedarsono


Solo Exhibition and Book Launching 
"Srihadi Soedarsono- Man x Universe"⁣⁣

11 March - 9 April 2020⁣
Gedung A Galeri Nasional Indonesia⁣

Presenting 44 landscape paintings of social criticism, dynamics, human and nature, also contemplation.⁣ This is the statement of Srihadi Soedarsono who underlines the aspects of human, culture and the universe.⁣

Wednesday, 11 March 2020⁣
6.30 pm⁣

12 March - 9 April 2020⁣
10 am to 7 pm⁣
Gedung A⁣

Exhibition Seminar⁣
Saturday, 28 March 2020⁣
11 am⁣
at Seminar Room⁣
*Limited seat. Reservation: Tria +6283872706074⁣